You take great interest in doing things that is of ABSOLUTE UNIMPORTANCE to anyone else. You take great pride to your ADVANCED TECHNIQUES in listening arts in the music field which you could do for unfortold amount of time. You also find games EXTREMELY ammusing, especially if they involve the capturing and training of adorable yet powerful creatures. You are pretty lenient with almost EVERYTHING and would rather to let things take its course though if things seems to jump off the flipping wagon you can't help but sigh, which you do a lot. Your outlook can be best described as a thick coating of OPTIMISM with a subtle yet prominent PESSIMISTIC center.

Your handle is activelyLethargic and you "Speak in any way that you would find most comfortable."






They need to go after the camera man too, EVERY TIME. That’s when this dumb shit will stop. 

I want someone to beat the absolute fuck out of them.

What the fuck. It’s just a fucking pair if shoes. He bopped the damn shoes. Why they throwin fists over a fuckin boop. Maybe tell them to back the hell up and not try it again, but what the fuck.

"It’s just a fucking pair if shoes."

True but if I worked hard to make my money to buy myself a pair of shoes and your dumbass comes along and steps on them as a “joke” you gotdamn right I’m gonna be pissed about it.

"Maybe tell them to back the hell up and not try it again"

They purposely stepped on their shoes. Mind you, Jordans are not cheap. People take pride in what they wear. But ultimately it’s a matter of respect. These white kids are disrespectful.

These “_______ in the hood” videos are made to provoke black people into acting out for cheap laughs and youtube views. It gives white america a reason to laugh at us and call us animals. They make these videos to make us as a people look bad. 

They deserved every one of those licks.

(Source: white-people-be-like)